Toddington Music Society has been providing concerts in Toddington, Bedfordshire since 1978.  It is a registered charity set up by local doctors, Peggy and John Longstaff.  Originally it was called the Toddington Festival Society and its aims were to promote music (especially the music of Haydn) and to encourage young people to enjoy music.  Over the years the name has changed and the emphasis is no longer on the works of Haydn but we are still very focussed on encouraging and developing young talent.  Each year we run a Young Musician of the Year competition with a first prize of £500 and runner-up prize of £100 and where possible we use young artists for our concerts and never cease to be amazed at the amount of talent around.

We provide 7 concerts each year plus the Young Musician competition.  Although we call ourselves the Toddington Music Society (and you can get cheaper admission to concerts by being a member) you can come along at any time and hear wonderful music at reasonable prices.  Come along and enjoy!